Hi, I’m Mark Cook and I live on Orkney off the north-eastern coast of Scotland.

I transform rope washed up on Orkney’s shores, or bundles donated by local fishermen, into something beautiful using traditional knotting techniques.

It all started a few years ago when I found a huge bundle of old fishing rope on the beach. I thought I could make good use of it. My very first project was a doormat, which is still going strong!

I found more and more bundles of rope strewn along our beautiful coastline – and Afrayedknot was born.

A film I made with the Circular Ocean project

In addition to my best-selling doormats, I also make doorstops, table decorations, wall hangers and bespoke commissions.

Because it survives so long in the sea, the rope is durable and will stand years of wear in the home or garden.

I also run half-day workshops on which you can learn how to make your own doormat using traditional knotting techniques.


Every year 11,000 tonnes of fishing nets and rope – known as ghost gear – ends up in European seas. Marine litter is a huge problem, especially for coastal communities who rely on the sea for their livelihood.

Orkney is a beautiful place to live. I hope to help protect these islands by upcycling the marine litter on our shores.

All my upcycled products have a provenance label, so you know where the rope was sourced and how many miles of it I’ve recycled in total.

International Guild of Knot Tyers

I’m a member of the International Guild of Knot Tyers (IGKT), an association of people interested in knots and knotting techniques.

We have more than a thousand members worldwide from all walks of life, and membership is open to anyone.

Find out more about the IGKT here, and see the Facebook group here.